Eat Crunchies, Not THAT


Going to the movies or just sitting on the couch at home watching the tube?  The Crunchies Natural Snacks Team has some wellness-promoting tips about what to munch on – and what to avoid – while enjoying the show.

 All Natural Freeze Dried Buttered Sweet Corn

Movie theater popcorn – loaded with chemicals to make its aroma fill the theater – can be a menace to good health.A recent WebMD study found that the Regal chain’s popcorn was the richest on the market, with a medium size box containing 720 calories and the large size boasting 960 calories. Both Regal and AMC pop their popcorn in incredibly unhealthy coconut oil, which is essentially all artery-clogging saturated fat.

The “butter” on movie theater popcorn – that strange greasy liquid that’s yellow and vaguely tastes like butter – is actually non-hydrogenated soybean oil that’s been colored and flavored.  Warning: each tablespoon contains about 130 calories. And popcorn keeps for a day or two, so try not to confuse warm with fresh.

Contrast movie theater popcorn with Crunchies New Buttered Sweet Corn – delicious, all-natural buttery corn with a light and sweet taste and a textured crunch.  With just a hint of natural butter and a dash of sea salt, this snack is low in calories and is a great source of protein, fiber and antioxidants.   

 Freeze Dried Strawberries

 Watch out for the Gummy Bear – the candy dentists love to hate (because it promotes tooth decay and can even pull out fillings when chewed). A gummy bear is a small, rubbery-textured candy shaped in the form of a bear. The gummy bear is one of many gummies – popular gelatin-based candies that come in a variety of shapes and colors. The traditional gummy bear is made from a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavoring, food coloring, citric acid and gelatin – a glutinous substance obtained by boiling in water the ligaments, bones, hooves and skins of animals. As you might expect, gummy bears made with either bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) gelatin are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Gummy bears ordinarily contain mostly empty calories, but recently gummy bears containing vitamin C, produced by manufacturers such as Sconza or Bear Essentials, are being marketed to parents of young children.  Multivitamins have also been produced in the form of gummy bears to motivate consumption by young, picky eaters.

Contrast the gummy bear with Crunchies 100 percent all-natural Freeze Dried Strawberries. The only thing taken out of the strawberries through the freeze drying process is water.  The strawberries contain no additives or preservatives, which means no added sugars, oils or sulfur. While being rich in antioxidants and nutrients, they’re non-GMO, wheat and gluten free.  All this and you get just 20 calories per serving. Crunchies Strawberries come in a convenient, single-serving Munch Pak size that’s great for snacking.  

All-Natural Freeze Dried BBQ Roasted Veggies

Millions of people the world over swear a deep love for Lay’s® Barbecue flavored potato chips.  But how many seriously think that the flavor in a Lay’s barbecue chip came from an actual barbecue pit?  Probably too many, unfortunately. Remember, Lay’s has a reason for calling their product Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips. A barbecue-flavored version of Lay’s Potato Chips has been around since 1965, when Frito-Lay merged with Pepsi-Cola to form PepsiCo, Inc. That year, they introduced a savory snack food with an “outdoorsy” taste.  In the mid-1990s, Lay’s modified its barbecue chips flavoring formula.The word “flavored” attached to any foodstuffs usually means “artificial.”  The “barbecue” version of Lay’s potato chips is a combination of salt, honey powder, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, tomato powder, and hickory smoke powder (yeah, that’s a lot of powder). As in most barbecue-flavored chips, there’s also an ingredient called “autolyzed” yeast,” the go-to processed yeast product for junk-food flavorings.

 Lay’s Barbeque Flavored Potato Chips contain 230 calories, with 130 of those calories deriving from fat. No trans-fats, but they do contain 300 milligrams of sodium – oh, so salty.  And the chips are very greasy and extremely crumbly. 

In contrast, Crunchies Freeze-Dried BBQ Roasted Veggies are a solid mix of 100 percent real corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes and red bell peppers.  They are seasoned with all-natural BBQ seasoning. The only thing taken out of the veggies through a patented freeze-drying process is water.

So, forget the high-cholesterol, high-calorie movie theater popcorn, gelatinous gummy bears and artificially flavored BBQ chips.Enjoy your all natural Crunchies snack … and relax.