Food is Fuel

How do you keep your car in great running condition? You have regular maintenance performed. You don’t engage in risky driving behavior. You fill up with the manufacturer-recommended fuel every time. Right? The same can be said for keeping your body in peak condition. We know it’s not a new analogy, but it is a highly accurate one.

The food you eat is fuel for your body. That’s not a metaphor, people. Literally, our body’s only source of energy is the calories we consume, despite what your yoga instructor says about absorbing energy from the universe while you lay in Savasana.

gas-gaugeHigh-octane, premium fuel, defined by the additives and detergents it contains, is purported to extend the life of your car’s engine and improve performance. Watch out! This is where the food/fuel analogy gets a little tricky. Premium-grade food is exactly the opposite. The less additives, preservatives, and processed ingredients your food contains, the better fuel it is for your body.

No matter how you look at it, if your food is highly processed, it inherently contains preservatives and additives. Flavor enhancers, stabilizers, food coloring, pesticides, and genetic modification are all degrading the nutritional value of your food, and worse, can even be harmful to your body’s engine. When you consider that the typical American’s diet contains 90% processed food, most people are filling up on Regular instead of Super.

If food is the fuel for your body, why aren’t you filling up with premium every single time? Avoiding highly processed, genetically modified, chemically preserved and enhanced food as much as you can is an excellent first step in maintaining your body’s engine. Eating a healthy balanced diet, staying physically active, and getting regular check-ups would all be tips in our Owner’s Manuals if we came with them!  Sure it may be a tad more expensive to buy the organic produce or opt for the freshly butchered local meat, but just like pumping Super into that sedan every time you fill up, your body’s engine will thank you for it in the long run.

We know the importance of fueling your body with only the best food, and our products were made specifically with this concept in mind. Crunchies snacks are always preservative and GMO-free with no nasty additives to gunk up your body’s engine, making them a great “premium” fuel option anytime.