Crunchies Crew Review – Meet Jessi

Meet Jessi, another one of our amazing team members here at Crunchies Food Co.!

crunchiesjessiAt Crunchies, Jessi plays an important (but fun!) role in our marketing department by getting the word out to the public that Crunchies are the perfect, portable, yummy and healthy snack around! She personally loves to promote the Very Berry Crunchies Snack as it stands to be her all time favorite!

When asked what her favorite Crunchies event has been so far, she told us that she adored traveling with the ATOC, handing out samples and always meeting new people!

On days when she’s not busy working away to help our all natural, gluten-free product company run at its best, Jessi enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves to be active by going to the gym or enjoying a hike. She’s also a big fan of building puzzles! Her number one inspiration is her “momma.”Aww! Among other interests, we’ve learned that Jessi is left handed, but when playing golf she is right handed!

Thanks to all of her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to our company Jessi fits in great with our Crunchies crew. Thank you Jessi!