5 Best Healthy Party Snacks

Are you looking for healthy party snacks for your last minute holiday party? In need of healthy party snacks for the family get together? Or just looking for healthy party snacks for your kids to enjoy when their friends are over after school?

Healthy Party Snacks

Shrimp cocktails
This party snack is high in protein but low in fat and calories! Because protein will make you feel satisfied longer it makes the perfect item to have on a snack table to help others make a healthy choice!

Fresh veggies with hummus dip
Since the key ingredient in hummus is chickpeas this snack is basically just vegetables on vegetables! Hummus can be made at home with fresh ingredients making it full of great flavor!  Pair broccoli, carrots, celery and pepper slices with the hummus and watch it disappear!

 Buffalo Popcorn
This easy snack will be an unexpected burst of flavor with out unhealthy calories or ingredients. Simply toss air-popped popcorn with a little bit of olive oil, a few dashes of hot sauce and crumbled blue cheese.  This addictive snack may be a favorite even when you’re not throwing a holiday party.

Ants on a Log
If your party has more of an adult audience step this childhood favorite up a notch. Instead of your typical peanut butter try cashew butter and use craisins instead of the regular raisins. Sometimes classics always have a place at a party!

Freeze dried BBQ roasted vegetables
These won’t last long so if you’re hoping to enjoy these save a bag of Crunchies freeze dried BBQ roasted veggies in the pantry for after party snacking! These make an easy finger food snack that no one will feel guilty eating a few servings of while mingling!