Crunchies Crew Review – Meet Robert

unnamed (2)Another one of our fun Crunchies Crew team members is Robert. He has been with Crunchies for awhile and is an important part in our production department. Our production team works to achieve the perfect quality ingredients of fruit and veggies, gets them freeze dried into what you know, as Crunchies AND gets them distributed to the right outlets in a timely manner! When Robert isn’t busy working in our production department, he enjoys fishing and also, snacking on Buttered Sweet Corn…it’s his favorite snack! We wonder if fish would like our Buttered Sweet Corn?


When asked what his favorite Crunchies event has been so far, he told us that he really enjoys the excitement of our trade / equipment shows. The new technologies are ever changing and it’s something that Robert finds interesting, as do we! Robert’s number one inspiration is his son, Anthony. One final and really cool fact about Robert…he was born with a sixth toe! We’re not sure if that helps with his production abilities, but we do know he is a great asset to have at Crunchies!