Summertime is Snack Time!

Kids love to snack. During the summer when kids are home from school, the requests for snacks will increase tremendously because they don’t have as regular an eating schedule as they do during the school year.


Getting your child to continue to eat healthy during summer vacation can be a challenge. It’s best to have a plan in place to make sure kids are snacking healthy, instead of munching on chips and cookies all day long.

Here are some suggestions for healthy summer eating tips!

1) Keep kids on a schedule for meals and snacks

2) Make the kitchen of-limits during the day

3) Plan your grocery list accordingly and stay away from the cookie aisle!

Called “Nature’s Ultimate Snack Food,” Crunchies are a great tasting, healthy snack that everyone will love! They come in many fruit & veggie varieties, as well as organic. We’re super excited about our newest products, Organic Little Crunchies, which are coming soon! They are small bite-size fruits for little hands and little mouths. Only water is removed from our fruits through Crunchies’ patented freeze-drying process and they contain no additives or preservatives. This means no added sugar, no oil, and no sulfur. They’re wheat and gluten-free, non- GMO and rich in fiber and nutrients. Less water means more flavor with a satisfying crunch that both kids and adults love.

On the go this summer to the playground or to the beach? Crunchies Munch Paks are the perfect solution! They are packaged in convenient single serving sizes that are great to take with you wherever you go.