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Crunchies Crew Review-Meet Alex

Meet Alex, one of our many awesome team members here at Crunchies Natural Snacks! As a marketing assistant, Alex has the important (but fun!) job of getting the word out to the masses that Crunchies are the perfect portable, yummy, and healthy snack. He personally enjoys our Cinnamon Apple variety the most, and even more so when he sprinkles them in his yogurt. Mmmm, good idea, Alex! When asked what his favorite...

Crunchies® – Preservative-Free Snacks for Healthy People

Do you know what’s in your snack foods? Preservatives, for sure.  These mysterious substances are often added to food to kill microbes, prevent spoilage or to help retain and extend nutritional value and/or flavor for longer periods. But the benefits and safety of many artificial food additives (including preservatives) is the subject of debate among academics and regulators specializing in food science, toxicology and biology. Medical evidence indicates that some people are allergic...

4 Products to Keep Your Family Living Healthy!

It's hard to find time to read labels and make sure that all the snack choices you're making for your children are healthy ones.  We are all busy getting our kids to school and activities, but that doesn't mean we don't want to keep up the healthy lifestyle we had all summer!!  We are going to share some of our FAVORITE items that can help you keep your family on...