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Crunchies Crew Review – Meet Jessi

Meet Jessi, another one of our amazing team members here at Crunchies Food Co.! At Crunchies, Jessi plays an important (but fun!) role in our marketing department by getting the word out to the public that Crunchies are the perfect, portable, yummy and healthy snack around! She personally loves to promote the Very Berry Crunchies Snack as it stands to be her all time favorite! When asked what her favorite Crunchies event...

The Many Calories of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. That time of the year where most of us go on diets just so we can stuff our mouths with endless amounts of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls that come our direction.  So, exactly how many calories does the average person consume during this meal? Well, according to Calorie Control Council the average American will consume about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone! While...

Crunchies Crew Review – Meet Laura

Meet Laura, another one of our amazing team members here at Crunchies Natural Snacks, this picture is one of Laura's favorites from when she was little with her dad! At Crunchies, Laura plays an important role in our staff accounting department. She is one of the helping hands who are responsible for handling the money that is brought into our company! While she is working away in our office, Laura enjoys snacking...