Posts From June 2014


Summertime is Snack Time!

Kids love to snack. During the summer when kids are home from school, the requests for snacks will increase tremendously because they don’t have as regular an eating schedule as they do during the school year. Getting your child to continue to eat healthy during summer vacation can be a challenge. It’s best to have a plan in place to make sure kids are snacking healthy, instead of munching on chips and cookies all day...

Crunchies Crew Review – Jessica

This month, we are featuring Jessica. She is our Trade Show Coordinator and is a total rock star! She coordinates all of our trade shows and even attends the local ones. Her most favorite event so far was Expo West. Outside of work, believe it or not, she loves to box! She has been attending KO Boxing and Fitness for the last 5 years. KO has motivated her to stay fit and healthy. Her workout...

What Does Non-GMO Really Mean?

With all the diets, fads, and weight loss trends, there are always going to be health buzzwords being thrown about. In order to truly take care of your body and your life, it’s important to know what is fact and what is just another trend. “Non-GMO” is one of those such words that is being bounced around a lot lately. You may even use it yourself. But do you really...